Les Miserables a real Taranaki show

Cast members: Shaun Campbell, Tracey Blake, Sam Barrett and Chrys Podjursky join the cast of Les Miserables.

In the lead up to the opening of New Plymouth Operatics production of Les Miserables, Gordon Brown speaks to some locals in the cast.

The society putting on Les Miserables

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Christmas Cabaret Better Than Ever

Howard Rozon performing with the Cast of Solid Gold at the Plymouth Hotel, Dec 2017

Having a number of new faces appearing on stage in Les Miserables has also meant a record number auditioning to be part of the ever-popular Christmas Cabaret Shows the New Plymouth Operatic

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Give it a Go! Bro

From left to right – Howard Rozon; Elicia-May Hitchcock; Tem Hodson

New Plymouth Operatic Society president Howard Rozon agrees with cast member Elicia-May Hitchcock, who says with the re-emergence of kapa haka groups, could mean more Māori should get involved in the Operatic Society.

“I certainly have the

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Our Fantine – Maria Mosquera

Maria has been studying musical theatre in New York for about 18 months, but wanted to be in Les Miserables

From New York to New Plymouth

Studying Musical Theatre in New York, 21-year-old New Plymouth singer Maria Mosquera sent a video to Les Miserables director Warren Bates.

It was

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In the News – Elicia-May Hitchcock

By day, Elicia-May Hitchcock works at the Vertical Horizon Adventure Centre in Inglewood.

A woman of many parts

Elicia-May Hitchcock admits she loves pretty much everything to do with Les Miserables. It’s a classic show and people who have seen it before will come back to see how

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In the News – Our Javert, Tem Hodson

Tem Hodson, a star in the making

Over the years the New Plymouth Operatic Society (NPOS) has launched many careers and Tem Hodson is about to become the latest one.

The 23-year-old, unassuming young man is bursting with talent and in the coveted role of Javert in the society’s

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In the News – Our Catering Superstars

The “Kitchen Witches”; sisters Sue Thorp (left) and Cath Robinson (right).

Keeping the Cast & Crew Happy

Sisters Cath Robinson and Sue Thorp say they’re known as “the Kitchen Witches” at the New Plymouth Operatic Society.

That’s because they organise the catering for the society when it’s

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In the News – Les Mis Kids

Left-Right: William Broadmore, Waylon Jones, Hannah Armstrong, Mia Schoeman, Aisara Irwan Nizam and Cormac Deegan.

Six of the Best

Last year in Mary Poppins, the children who played the roles of Michael and Jane won the hearts of many with their scene-stealing performances.

This year, the New

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In the News – Our Jean Valjean

Fernando Tarango – Direct from the USA

This year’s New Plymouth Operatic Society’s production of Les Misérables has a real international flavour to it.

The French setting of Victor Hugo’s musical naturally sets the scene for this powerful drama but with American singer Fernando Tarango playing the lead role

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Season Extension for Les Misérables

Taranaki races to ‘Hear the People Sing’

New Plymouth Operatic has announced today that due to incredible demand for tickets, their upcoming season of Les Misérables has been extended and will now run through until Saturday 18th August, 2018.

Les Misérables opens at New Plymouth’s TSB Showplace on Thursday 26th July.

The season extension sees an additional four

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