New Plymouth Operatic Society has today announced the onstage ensemble and backing vocalists for our 2018 production of Les Miserables, after an extensive audition process.

Nearly 300 people auditioned for the production. According to the Society’s records, more people auditioned for 2018’s Les Miserables, than have auditioned for any other production in the Society’s 66 year history. “More people auditioned for Les Miserables today, than did 25 years ago when the Society first staged Les Miserables” said New Plymouth Operatic President Kevin Landrigan.

“I think this is a testament not only to our thorough and rigorous show selection policy and the popularity of the show itself, but also the golden wave the Society is riding right now, which is centered around a drive for the very best quality in the productions we put on the stage” commented Mr Landrigan.  “We hope the audition interest now translates into ticket sales of the same level!”

With such large numbers through the auditions process, the Society’s task of casting an onstage adult ensemble of just 37, plus 6 children from nearly 300 auditionees has been a challenging one. “The quality of auditionees was sensational,” said Mr Landrigan, who was a member of the audition panel for Les Miserables.

“We were blown away with the quality of auditions. Everyone had clearly put such a great amount of effort into their audition preparations. There will be some very disappointed members right now, including a number of my own family” added Mr Landrigan.

“A number of people who have missed out on this show would have waltzed right into the cast for most of our productions” said Mr Landrigan. “A number of very long standing members have missed out, as have a large number of very talented new faces to NPOS who all put in very strong auditions. What is also pleasing to see, is that a number of people who have auditioned for us before and missed out, have come back and auditioned this year, and have been successful in their auditions to join the cast for this show”.

Five members of the 2018 company return having been cast members of NPOS’s 1994 production of Les Miserables (John Ainsworth, Anthony Joines, Kevin Landrigan, Raylene Hunt and Ann Stewart), but there are also 9 people in the company announced today who will be making their onstage debut for New Plymouth Operatic.  “It’s an exciting mix” added Mr Landrigan.

Principal castings for the 9 lead roles will be announced individually over the coming few weeks.  Casting of the Childrens roles (Gavroche, Young Cosette and Young Eponine) will be confirmed in February.

The cast will meet within the next few weeks for a welcome get together, with rehearsals kicking into full swing early in the new year.   “With the audition process concluded, we are very much looking forward to hearing these people sing together once rehearsal start” concluded Mr Landrigan.

See the full cast listing here.

Tickets for Les Miserables are now on sale from Ticketek and the TSB Showplace Box Office.

The season of Les Miserables runs from 26 July 2018 at New Plymouth’s TSB Showplace.