The Time. Is Now. The Day. Is Here.

New Plymouth Operatic have announced that New Zealand’s favourite musical, Les Miserables, will be staged at New Plymouth’s TSB Showplace in July 2018, representing the premiere of the NZ Musical Theatre Consortium’s 25th Anniversary tour.

“Just about without exception, Les Miserables is a firm favourite with everyone at New Plymouth Operatic” said Society President Kevin Landrigan.

“I was fortunate enough to be a member of the onstage company for both of NPOS’s previous productions (in 1994 and 2002)” reminisced Mr Landrigan “And still, Les Mis sits on top of the tree as probably my and many other’s favourite shows, but that is a number of haircuts ago now, and it is exciting to be able to bring back Les Miserables to a whole new generation of our members and audiences.”

“If you look at, say, our cast and crew from 2016’s Sister Act, probably between one third to a half of those people were not even born when we New Plymouth Operatic first presented Les Miserables in 1994.” Mr Landrigan noted.

The 1994 Les Miserables was the first ever Consortium production in New Zealand, and it is the same consortium partner societies from around New Zealand who have banded together to bring Les Miserables to New Zealand once more, and what better way to celebrate the Consortium’s 25th birthday!

25 years ago, 7 musical theatre societies from around New Zealand joined together to bring this iconic musical to our New Zealand audiences for the very first time. The same 7 societies have great pleasure in doing the same once again, 25 years later, in a marker of what has been a quarter of a century of great friendship between these societies, which has been to the great betterment of all those societies.

“New Plymouth Operatic are delighted to be invited by our Consortium partners to lead and premiere this new production” said Mr Landrigan “it is a recognition of the superb work New Plymouth Operatic and our members did to lead the Sister Act project last year, which has been rewarded here” Mr Landrigan added.

New Plymouth Operatic’s Patrick Landrigan will project manage the New Zealand Les Miserables build and tour on behalf on the NZ Musical Theatre Consortium.   Andrew Gibson will work alongside the build team as well as taking the role of Stage Manager for the New Plymouth season.

“The rights for Les Miserables have been unavailable for some time, and we have had to chase pretty hard to get them” concluded Mr Landrigan, who also added “2018 and Les Miserables sees a continuation of blockbuster musicals New Plymouth Operatic and our consortium partners have been able to secure and stage for our audiences, with negotiations currently underway for more blockbuster musicals for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.”

Les Miserables auditions penciled for later this year.