At Stage Centre, we structure much of the syllabus around improvisation and acting techniques.

Artistic Director
Warren Bates

+64 210 416 999

Physical address
76 King Street
New Plymouth
New Zealand

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Improvisation; its benefits

The experience and knowledge that you gain from participating in the improvisation group will enrich you in many unique ways, theatre-related or not.

  • Gaining greater confidence within ones-self
  • Refined Brainstorming Abilities
  • Improved Listening and Observation Skills
  • Enhanced Acting Abilities
  • Enhanced Creative-Thinking Abilities
  • Gained Comfort in Social Settings & interpersonal skills
  • Improved Decision-Making Skills
  • Team Development Skills

An ideal improvisation/acting class

  • like any good class that practices presence, it heightens awareness of being there
  • listening, not only to one’s self but to other people.
  • is being aware of what’s going on around us whilst being truthful to the moment.
  • is being OK with getting things wrong and willing to laugh at ourselves.
  • helps us suspend judgment of ourselves, and other people.
  • teaches one to work with other people, rather than against them.
  • develops strength of character.
  • helps us act on our impulses, develop our intuition and express emotions.
  • allows us to brainstorm in teams and think on the spot.

As a result, one learns the importance of teamwork, leadership, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, taking risks, and appreciating the benefits of mistakes.