Jersey Boys


4-20 July 2024


TSB Showplace

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Jersey Boys is a musical biography of the Four Seasons—the rise, the tough times and personal clashes, and the ultimate triumph of a group of friends whose music became symbolic of a generation. Far from a mere tribute concert (though it does include numbers from the popular Four Seasons songbook), Jersey Boys gets to the heart of the relationships at the center of the group—with a special focus on frontman Frankie Valli, the small kid with the big falsetto. In addition to following the quartet’s coming of age as performers, the core of the show is how an allegiance to a code of honor learned in the streets of their native New Jersey got them through a multitude of challenges: gambling debts, Mafia threats and family disasters. Jersey Boys is a glimpse at the people behind a sound that has managed to endure for over four decades in the hearts of the public.

Character Roles

TOMMY DEVITO - Stage Age: 25-35

A handsome, charismatic, smooth-talking operator with a quick temper.
Tommy is a born hustler from a tough neighbourhood and the essence of Jersey cool.

BOB GAUDIO - Stage Age: 25-35

An intelligent, sensitive and introspective musical prodigy.
Compared to the other band members, he is straight-laced and polished.

NICK MASSI - Stage Age: 30-39

A steady, sturdy man of few words with a police record. Even when not speaking, he is a compelling presence. Nick is a skilled musician, with an ear for harmonies.
He likes the simple things in life, and longs for his old neighbourhood in New Jersey.

BOB CREW - Stage Age: 30-40

Intelligent and flamboyant; genius music producer and lyricist; an integral part
of creating the magic of The Four Seasons. Quick-witteded and very into astrology!

GYP DECARLO - Stage Age: 45-60

A tough American-Italian that heads the mafia’s activities in New Jersey. He is smart, outwardly warm but if pressed is intimidating, imposing and brutal.

NORM WAXMAN - Stage Age: 30-59

A loan shark from Las Vegas. His job is to intimidate & harass.

JOEY PESCI - Stage Age: 20-25

A young energetic character that is streetwise. This performer could double as a member of the ensemble.

NICK DEVITO - Stage Age: 25-35

Young and energetic, Tommy’s brother and part of the Variety Trio. He is a talented musician, but squanders his chances away through his criminal activities. This performer could double as a member of the ensemble.

BARRY NELSON - Stage Age: 20-40 - A strong actor & singer to play various roles.

MARY DELGADO - Stage Age: 20-35

A feisty firecracker of a woman. She is an unapologetic, outspoken, and passionate Italian Jersey girl. This actress also plays a variety of other roles, including a member of a 60’s style girl group.

LORRAINE - Stage Age: 20-35

Lorraine is intelligent, independent and grounded. This actress also plays a variety of other roles including a member of a 60’s style girl group and must be a believable ‘tough-as-nails’ Jersey girl.

FRANCINE VALLI - Stage Age: 20-35

Francine is tough and yearns for her father’s presence and lashes out against his absence. She likes to think she is street-wise, but gets in over her head, and loses her life as a result. This actress also plays a variety of other roles.

MALE ENSEMBLE - Stage Ages: 25-55

Versatile actors, strong singers and good movers are required to play various roles (Hal Miller, Bill Dixon, friends, producers, police officers, studio engineers etc)
Must be very comfortable with traditional four-part harmonies, narrative text, and a New Jersey accent. Any abilities to play guitar or bass is a strong plus.

FEMALE ENSEMBLE - Stage Ages: 20-40

Versatile actresses and dancers with a flexible vocal register and a strong belt are required to play a variety of roles including Miss Frankie Nolan, Frankie’s mother, and various other spoken and unspoken parts. A New Jersey accent is required. Must be very comfortable with traditional four-part harmonies.

DIRECTOR: Carolyn Murphy

MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Christopher Luke





Ces Soirées-La (French Rapper, Singers)

Silhouettes (Tommy, Nick Massi, Nick, DeVito, Frankie)

You’re The Apple Of My Eye (Tommy, Nick Massi, Nick DeVito, Frankie)

I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (Tommy, Nick, Massi, Nick DeVito, Frankie)

Strand Playoff (Nick Massi, Nick DeVito)

Earth Angel (Tommy, Nick Massi, Nick DeVito, Judge, Detectives)

A Sunday Kind Of Love (Frankie, Tommy, Nick, Massi, Nick’s Date, Band)

My Mother’s Eyes (Frankie)

I Go Ape (Tommy, Nick, Frankie, Hank)

Short Shorts (The Royal Teens)

I’m In The Mood/Moody’s Mood (Frankie)

Cry For Me (Tommy, Nick, Frankie, Bob, Joey)

Backups Medley (Hal Miller, Miss Frankie, Nolan, Bill Dixon, Frankie, Tommy, Bob, Nick)

Sherry (Frankie, Tommy, Bob, Nick)

Big Girls Don’t Cry (Frankie, Tommy, Bob, Nick)

Walk Like A Man (Frankie, Tommy, Bob, Nick)

December ’63 (Oh What A Night) (Tommy, Bob, Nick, Party Girls)

My Boyfriend’s Back (Angels)

My Eyes Adored You (Frankie, Mary, Tommy, Bob, Nick)

Dawn (Go Away) (Frankie, Tommy, Bob, Nick)

End Of Summer (Bob, Frankie, Nick)


Big Man In Town (Frankie, Tommy, Bob, Nick)

Beggin’ (Frankie, Tommy, Bob, Nick)

Stay (Frankie, Bob, Nick)

Let’s Hang On (Frankie, Bob)

Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (Frankie, Bob, Joe, Charlie)

Bye Bye Baby (Frankie, Joe, Charlie, Ensemble)

C’Mon Marianne (Frankie, Joe, Charlie, Ensemble)

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You (Frankie)

Workin’ My Way Back To You (Frankie and the Four Seasons)

Fallen Angel (Frankie)

Rag Doll (Frankie, Tommy, Bob, Nick)

Who Loves You? (Four Seasons, Others)

Jersey Bows (Four Seasons, Full Company)

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Mad Media

The Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

Book by Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice

Music by Bob Gaudio

Lyrics by Bob Crewe

Original Broadway Stage Production by Dodger Theatricals

(Michael David, Edward Strong, Rocco Landesman, Des McAnuff); Joseph J. Grano;

Tamara and Kevin Kinsella; Pelican Group in association with

Latitude Link  Rick Steiner/Osher/Staton/Bell/Mayerson Group

World Premiere Produced by La Jolla Playhouse,

La Jolla, CA Des McAnuff, Artistic Director & Steven B. Libman, Managing Director”




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