We Will Rock You


25 May – 10 June 2023


TSB Showplace


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About We Will Rock You

WE WILL ROCK YOU tells the story of a globalised future without musical instruments.
A handful of rock rebels, the Bohemians, fight against the all-powerful Global-soft
company and its boss, the Killer Queen; they fight for freedom, individuality and the
rebirth of the age of rock. Scaramouche and Galileo, two young outsiders, cannot come
to terms with the bleak conformist reality. They join the Bohemians and embark on the
search to find the unlimited power of freedom, love and Rock!
The idea for the musical came after a meeting between the actor Robert De Niro with
musicians Brian May and Roger Taylor, in Venice in 1996. De Niro's daughter was a big
fan of the Queen and the actor asked if the legends of rock had never thought of
creating a musical based on their songs. That was the beginning of everything.
Since 2002 over 15 million theatregoers in 17 countries have been thrilled by this aweinspiring
production which is based on the songs of Queen with a book by Ben Elton (The
Young Ones, Blackadder, Popcorn). Elton fashioned this hilarious futurist comedy around
more than 24 of Queen’s biggest hit songs including We Are The Champions, Radio Ga
Ga, I Want To Break Free, Somebody To Love, Killer Queen, Under Pressure, Bohemian
Rhapsody, Another One Bites The Dust and of course, We Will Rock You.

Character Roles

A misfit who keeps hearing voices and songs in his head which deliver messages he can’t
understand. Galileo won’t dress like a Ga Ga kid and has been caught trying to make
music. He is confused and unaware that he is the one the Bohemians have been waiting
for, who will lead them to the place where the last remaining live instruments have lain
hidden for hundreds of years.

A misfit who also gets into trouble with the Secret Police. Scaramouche meets
Galileo in hospital and they run away together. Her sharp wit keeps Galileo on his toes
and gradually they fall for each other.

Killer Queen
A ruthless business woman and is in charge of Globalsoft, the worldwide
corporation which is responsible for the suppression of all live music. She’s Power crazy
and tough, as well as beautiful.

Works for the Killer Queen, getting rid of any original or creative musical thoughts and
going after the Bohemians. His victims are sent to the Seven Seas of Rhye.

An old librarian and a hippy who has studied the sacred musical texts to the
extent that the Seven Seas of Rhye cannot entirely erase them from his mind. He’s a
comic character who acts as the foil to Galileo and Scaramouche towards the end of the

Brit and Oz
Two bohemians who are intent on discovering the secrets of live music, who
believe that someone will come who will show the Bohemians the way. When they find
Scaramouche and Galileo they are unsure at first, but are eventually persuaded that
Galileo really does have strange musical lyrics in his head over which he has no control.
When the Secret Police attack the Bohemian hide out, Brit is killed and Oz is captured
along with the other Bohemians.

DIRECTOR: Richard Neame
MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Christopher Luke

Galileo: William Dean (understudy Sam Mitchell)

Scaramouche: Danica Manson (understudy Frankie Roberts)

Killer Queen: Elicia-May Hitchcock (understudy Anna Rowe)

Khashoggi: Jared Hill (understudy Mark Leuthard)

Oz: Krystal Leuthard (understudy Monique Matthews)

Brit: Sonny Deacle (understudy Corey Prewett)

Buddy: Shaun Campbell (understudy Howard Rozon)


Albany Owens

Alyssa Young

Amelia Roche

Andrea Garcia

Anna Rowe

Bella Neale

Callum Stuart

Charlie Betts

Corey Prewett

Cormac Deegan

David Liggett

Frankie Roberts

Greer Anderson

Greer Sawtell

Hamish Gunson

Helena Harvey

Howard Rozon

Imogen Hodge

Jen Tooley

Jonathan Boniface

Kate Long

Kellan Bartlett

Levi King

Libby Needs

Michaela Deegan

Monique Matthews

Natasha Foster

Olivia Surgenor

Paige Gunson

Regan Tate

Reuben Woodhead

Riley McGregor

Sam Mitchell

Sophia Clennett

Taylor Salton

Backing Vocalists

Cynthia McCracken

Debby Bygate

Diana Lloyd

Jenny Bennett

Stacy Manktelow

Vikki Johnson


Innuendo/Radio Ga Ga: Company, Ga Ga Kids
I Want To Break Free: Galileo, Scaramouche
Somebody To Love: Scaramouche, Teen Queens
Killer Queen: Killer Queen, Yuppies
Now I'm Here: Killer Queen, Yuppies
Under Pressure: Scaramouche, Galileo
A Kind Of Magic: Killer Queen, Khashoggi , Yuppies
I Want It All: Brit, Oz and Youth
Headlong: Brit, Oz, Galileo, Scaramouche,Bohemians
No-One But You: Oz, Bohemians
Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Brit, Oz, Galileo, Scaramouche, Bohemians

Flash: Doctors, Bohemians
Seven Seas Of Rhye: Khashoggi, Bohemians, Doctors
Who Wants To Live Forever: Scaramouche, Galileo
Fat Bottomed Girls: Killer Queen, Yuppies
Another One Bites The Dust: Killer Queen
Hammer to Fall: Scaramouche, Galileo
These Are The Days Of Our Lives: Buddy, Bar Patrons
Bicycle Race: Bohemians
Headlong (reprise): Galileo, Scaramouche, Buddy
We Will Rock You: Galileo, Buddy, Company
We Are The Champions: Galileo, Company
Finale-Bohemian Rhapsody: Company

We Will Rock You

the Musical by Queen and Ben Elton

By Arrangement with David Spicer Productions www.davidspicer.com.au

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